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In April of 2021, satellite member Julia Duin visited Yanjmaa and her family for 5 days, one of which was spent at the mountain home of Elizabeth and Peter Barry, friends of Julia’s. Yanjmaa noticed Elizabeth doing a daily podcast on Spotify and asked how to do one herself. Yanjmaa began doing simple 5-minute devotionals in Mongolian and her audience exploded shortly.  By the end of 2021, there was more than 23,000 listeners. Now we have listeners from 40 different countries and our podcasts are played over 120k times. Podcast is run 7 days a week. Our Podcast covers wide range of topics such as Faith, Knowing Holy Spirit and Gift of the Holy Spirit, Knowing Jesus Christ and His name, Spiritual Warfare, Believers authority, Inner Healing and Cleansing, Knowing God.

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Хоолтой холбоотой сүнслэг хүлээс айдас шүүлтээс салаарай 3-41 Yanjmaa’s podcast

Ром 14:1-3 — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/yanjmaajutmaan/support
  1. Хоолтой холбоотой сүнслэг хүлээс айдас шүүлтээс салаарай 3-41
  2. Буруу гал буюу сорвитын сүнс хов живийн аюул 3-40
  3. Юу бодох ёстой вэ хэрхэн оюун бодлоо хамгаалах вэ 3-39
  4. Бие биедээ эрхтэнүүд, эш үзүүлбэл, энэ нь тэр хүний итгэлийн дагуу аж 3-38
  5. Авралаа алдаад буцаж зхлгагдаж болох уу 3-37