Yanjmaa Jutmaan Joy & Khudree Agvaanluvsan Simon

Yanjmaa Jutmaan and Khudree Agvaanluvsan, followers of Jesus Christ had opened a branch of the Good Samaritan Ministry in Mongolia in 2007 and continuously provided consulting services and Good Samaritan ministry since then. They serve broken-hearted people with God’s love, grace, and talents through Bible study meetings, Men’s meetings, One-on-one counseling, Healing and Deliverance, and Discipling. Good Samaritan Ministry also has live training sessions, everyday podcasts, mentoring, books.


To share God’s love and mercy through counseling to the oppressed, forsaken, and wounded people. 

Witness God’s kingdom while being obedient to God’s calling and sharing to Gospel to all creation.  

To empower Christian leaders through teachings and sharing the truth. 


Counseling, Mentoring and being a Good Samaritan.( Luke 10: 30-37 Parable of the Good Samaritan, Teaching God’s word and Sharing the Gospel. (Mark 16:15)

Focus Group

Train fieldworkers Share gospel, wounded people,  toward people who do not know Jesus, toward lost sheep, widows, sexually abused victims and youth. 


  • Media team
  • Podcast team
  • Prayer team
  • Book translating team
  • Men’s team
  • Counseling team
  • Finance team 

In the Future

Publish and write books and speak worldwide, build a Christian counseling center in several places of Mongolia and a retreat center in the Mongolia’ countryside, and online counseling or life coaching center. And we would like to build a team, connect Christian leaders around the world to work and witness the Kingdom of God, encourage, and help Christian Mongolian leaders around the world.

What People Say

Let’s build something together.